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The Holy Temple O' Frank Perdue

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That Frank [30 Jun 2002|11:46pm]

[ mood | confused ]

He's great! I luvvim. ... who is he?

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[30 Jun 2002|11:16am]
So, what the HELL do I hafta do to get people to worship Frank Perdue as much as I due? A strip tease?

All hail Frank! You cute little chicken butt!!!
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hosanna, frank perdue! [02 May 2002|12:27am]
Hey it's not fair that Dave Thomas got his own community dave_thomas and he's dead! (Unless that community is meant to be about that Pere Ubu singer and everybody got it wrong.) I thought I'd start a community in honor of Frank Perdue while he was still alive, because my pal, chickensammitch, likes him and anyway there's no advertising icon for worms! Speaking of advertising icons, Frank Perdue is cuter than Lee Iacocca dontcha think? All hail Frank Perdue, the man whose chickens are a bee-you-tee-full shade of yellow, because they eat Marigolds and not Worms!!!
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